Youtube different today compared to years ago

McKinley Schrader, Webpage Editor

Different looks for YouTube in different yearsAs a media that most of the world uses, YouTube has changed massively in the years it has existed. Originally just for the sharing of music, YouTube has changed into a news outlet, an entertainment source, and a job opportunity for many people.

One of the simpler changes to YouTube is the layout of the site. The site has changed to show what channels an account has subscribed to, the thumbnails of videos, and has moved some features to different tabs. The old layout included popular tags, featured videos, and included an “Invite friends” tab all on the home page.

Cameron, senior, has had experience with running a YouTube channel throughout different eras of YouTube’s lifecycle. Cameron says that “[The layout] has gone from makeshift, to a much cleaner and refined layout.”

YouTube Red, originally unveiled in 2015, was a $10 subscription to YouTube itself to remove ads on videos and access to “YouTube originals,” original videos structured as a television series. Cameron makes a point when he says, “Adblock can get rid of ads for free, and most people agree that the [YouTube] originals aren’t that good.”

Some people even go to YouTube for work. Channels have the ability to monetize their videos, allowing them to collect ad revenue. There are rules in place to make sure people don’t make money off of plagiarized content.

However, these rules have changed a lot over the years. Newer policies have put restrictions on the content of videos, even stating that a video cannot contain, “sensitive information… [or] explicit language.” The users have taken a large dislike to these policies.

Cameron has been affected by these rules, he says, “I can’t post any video with mild language or it can get demonetized.”

A YouTube sponsored program, YouTube Rewind, has also surfaced in recent years. This program is supposedly to feature some of the most popular channels and videos from the year. However, most of its audience have been angered by it, with differing opinions over what it considers “popular.”

As the internet changes, YouTube will continue to change. Whether it’s for the better or worse, that’s all in the eye of the beholder.