‘Mockingjay’ good addition to ‘Hunger Games’ series

Kayla Staley, Reporter

In the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ “Mockingjay,” the third and final novel in the “Hunger Games” trilogy, Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, is back and ready to fight for her life against the Capitol of Panem in a desperate attempt to save the ones she loves, including her fellow District 12 victor Peeta, played by Josh Hutcherson.

After escaping the 75th annual Hunger Games, along with a few other previous victors, she is flown to District 13, a place that isn’t even supposed to exist, by the leaders of the rebellion.

The district, hidden deep underground, is now being used to store weapons and train soldiers for the war against the Capitol.

The original “poor girl” from District 12 has been transformed into the face of the revolution. Katniss attempts to inspire all the districts of Panem to rise up and defy President Snow’s oppressive rule.

Like any book that is made into a movie, there will be some questions as to how close the director will stick to the storyline.

Francis Lawrence, the director, hit all of the major points in the book while adding a flare of movie magic.

The film was paced much faster than the novel and it didn’t seem to drag as much.

There was a lot of action including bombings, hand-to-hand combat and raids.

The movie, however, did seem choppy at times. Rather than flowing from one scene to another, it skipped around and didn’t seem as smooth as the first two movies.

At times, it seemed repetitive, with one raid after another with no real point other than portraying a war.

A few scenes, however, focused on the emotional side of the characters. Jennifer Lawrence’s acting was spot on and conveyed her character’s passion for the cause.

There was, of course, a cliffhanger.

The final minutes will have viewers on the edge of their seat begging for more.

“Mockingjay; Part 1” lived up to most of my expectations and Part 2 is sure to be an epic conclusion.