Must List: Apps


Everyone gains useless information throughout their life from watching TV, or playing videogames, or reading novels.

“QuizUp” allows people to implement this otherwise unused information in an exciting challenge to others in hundreds of different fun trivia categories from grammar to basketball players to well known novels or movies.

Different challenges arise every week, with the opportunity to bet against other players in order to be the top player in the state, country, or world.

There’s a category for everyone on the app, with categories in multiple languages and tons of different interests.

‘I Love Hue’

“I Love Hue” is a mentally stimulating puzzle game. Players arrange different colored squares in hue order according to the color spectrum in the least amount of moves possible.

There are hundreds of different gradients of color to choose from.

The more levels you complete, the closer together the shades are and the harder it is to differentiate the squares.

After a long school day, this is the perfect activity to relax your brain. You can create harmony after chaos, and for those that like order this is extremely calming.

‘Cats Are Liquid’

“Cats Are Liquid” is a game that has taken the platformer genre and turned it upside down into an interesting take on the genre.

Free on both Google Play and the Apple Appstore, “Cats Are Liquid” is a simplistic game at heart: control a cat that has the ability to turn into liquid through over 100 different levels.

Simplistic graphics keep the game from lagging too much. It keeps players engaged with blurbs of text throughout its levels, illustrating the lore.

“Cats Are Liquid” is definitely a must for mobile fans.