Teens revamp popularity of vinyl albums

Teens revamp popularity of vinyl albums

Faith Holliday, Reporter

Collecting vinyl records has become a trend for teens across America, and several students here are participating in this phenomenon.

Brooke Rich, sophomore, listens to vinyl in her free time. “My older brother has been collecting records for years now, so he sparked my interest,” Rich said.

Rich buys used vinyl at Half Price Books, which has a large selection of records ranging from $1 to $30.

According to Rich, vinyl helps her connect with her dad more. “My dad grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, so it’s pretty cool having vinyl like he did back in the day,” Rich said.

Rich enjoys listening to Elvis and Frank Sinatra records. “I also love and have grown up listening to Dean Martin,” Rich stated.

Dean Hostmark, senior, strongly believes that record players sound better than any other music media players.

“My mom bought an old turntable, and I was really interested in it,” Hostmark said.

Hostmark’s all time favorite album is “The Dark Side of the Moon,” which was released in 1973 by Pink Floyd.

Hostmark has collected over 50 vinyl ,and he doesn’t show signs of stopping.

Hostmark gets most of his vinyl from Love Garden, a record store in Lawrence, Kan. Most of his vinyl are used.

“Love Garden has a huge selection. I get nearly all of my vinyl there,” Hostmark said.

Hostmark uses a 1977 Pioneer turntable to listen to records.

Sofija Thomas, senior, has always been interested in vinyl.

“What really got me into it was when I started seeing current artists release their albums on vinyl,” Thomas said.

Thomas has many vinyl albums, but her favorite is “The 1975” by The 1975.

“I bought it at their concert and it’s autographed by them,” Thomas said.

Thomas buys most of her records used, but she buys her new ones at Urban Outfitters.

“As a music lover, I just love having that piece of music in my hand that I can hold,” Thomas said.

Kalli Olson, sophomore, mainly listens to records from the 80’s.

“You take a trip to the past whenever you listen,” Olson said. “Plus I feel tumblr while doing it,”

Olson enjoys listening to Queen, Elvis, and Cage the Elephant.

Olson’s favorite vinyl is “Bicycle Race”: a single by Queen.

Olson owns about 20 vinyl.

“One of my friends is also a collector, so I take some from him. I also like to buy records from thrift stores.” Olson said.