Must List: Albums

‘The Greatest Showman’

“The Greatest Showman” is not just a movie soundtrack, but one of the most inspiring CD’s on the market. Even if you don’t know the plot of the movie, each of the 11 songs has its own heartening message. The main characters’ struggles shine through their voices and the lyrics, creating a relatable connection to their difficult stories.

From an uplifting message of personal acceptance, to nostalgic childhood hope, to an emotional outpouring of grief, this album has a song for every mood. You are guaranteed to be in a good frame of mind after listening.


‘Man of the Woods’

“Man of the Woods” is an excellent album by Justin Timberlake.

The album consists of 16 songs. He continues to experiment with R&B, funk, pop, soul, and Americana style.

Some of the albums highlights are “Midnight Summer’s Jam,” “Breeze,” and “Morning Light” with his hits “Filthy,” “Say Something” and “Supplies.”

‘Studio Killers’

“Studio Killers,” an album from a band of the same name, has electronic-pop music with catchy rhythms and the whimsical voice of Cherry, the band’s animated singer. Taking on the themes of love, including self-love, and being yourself, the album gives off feelings of both the future and a romanticized past that makes the listener feel nostalgic.

Their unique topics and themes make this album memorable to fans and new listeners alike, and is guaranteed to leave an impression on all who hear it.