Students share their bargain eats

Khadija Ceesay, Reporter

When it comes to food, everyone wants the best kind for the best price.

The newspaper asked several students what their go-to bargain places are and to recommend some of their best bargain eats.

Samantha Throneberry, senior, said her go-to bargain eat is McDonald’s. She orders a double cheeseburger with only ketchup and a tea.

She also stated that Sylas and Maddy’s is her go-to dessert place.

A junior commented that they get some kind of cake from Jose Pepper’s for their bargain food and that they always recommend root beer from bargain drive-thrus.

Laney Thomas, senior, suggested the $1 brownie bite with a scoop of ice cream from Applebee’s and said that her go-to bargain eat is a burrito bowl from Chipotle because “it’s like $7 and it fills you up.”

One sophomore advised that the crunchwrap fresco style with beans instead of beef and added potatoes from Taco Bell is quite the bargain because it is only $6.22.

Another suggests that not to get more than you think you will eat and also recommended customizable pizza from Mod Pizza because it is reasonable and has good tastes.

Kyle Kersten, senior, said that “any secret menu item” is quite the bargain from any drive-thru like the Dairy Queen strawberry dipped cones. He also said his bargain go-to eat is the HyVee Market Grille because it doesn’t cost too much.

Savanah Robison, junior, said she always gets root beer from a bargain drive-thru and that her go-to dessert is some type of cake at Jose Peppers as well as a bacon cheeseburger from any bargain restaurant.

Another junior suggested the fries from Freddy’s because it is $2 and said they also usually get soup or pasta from a bargain restaurant.

A sophomore likes to get milkshakes from their favorite bargain dessert places and recommends the McChicken from McDonald’s because it’s only a dollar and pretty good. They also order combo meals from bargain restaurants.

Another sophomore said they just go to McDonald’s for their dollar drinks because they enjoy the quality so much.

One junior sticks to the classic cheeseburger and fries, an ice cream cone from their dessert place and usually goes to Chipotle or Minsky’s for their pizza.

Tristan Allen, junior, says he goes to Oscar’s Authentic Mexican Grill because they have “nice customer service, great food at a great price, and a awesome cheesecake.”

One senior says she goes to Golden Palace for their sweet and sour chicken which costs $5.99. She said they also give customers other things along with it like a spring roll and the food is really good for a reasonable price.

A junior advised that getting dessert when it’s happy hour will be cheaper and that ordering off a bargain or dollar menu is cheap and the food is still pretty good.

Many students suggested keeping a look out for many deals and combos for cheap prices and are often satisfied with the result.

Lots of students gave clever suggestions for good food and where to get them as well as what they recommend from said place that can help others choose their food wisely.