Take a shot at OneShot, an underrated RPG

McKinley Schrader, Reporter

The roleplaying genre is a well received genre of game with nearly endless possibilities.

One computer game that tested its limits is a simple game titled “OneShot.”

Niko is taken from her world one day and placed in the world that “OneShot” takes place in.

“OneShot” is one of the simplest roleplaying games out there. There’s no fighting or any kind of enemies. The only things the player can do are pick up, combine items and talk to people.

The game is very story-driven. The beginning starts off strong by telling the player that the game knows he exists. The goal is to simply move an object from one place to another.

The controls are a little strange to get used to. The game allows the use of a keyboard, controller, or a gamepad. However, at certain points of the game, it forces the use of a mouse, which is quite inconvenient.

The graphics are very reminiscent of the popular game “Undertale,” seemingly old-fashioned, yet charming in their own way.

Probably the most unique feature of “OneShot” is its presentation of puzzles.

For some, the player may have to look at the computer background, and others just have the player herd sheep.

“OneShot” has many unique characters in it. At least one or two in each area will stand out. All of the characters, significant or not, have some impact on the game.

The character in the first zone, Silver, helps the player leave the zone. She explains a lot of the lore of the game.

Although the game has its ups, it also has its downs.

Some parts of the game are so terribly difficult that a player might need a guide to figure out how to complete them. The game also doesn’t allow a player to play the whole game without closing it.

The character needs to rest in a bed after reaching transition points before it closes the game. The game is easily spoiled as well.

If one decides to play the game, it is encouraged to not watch any playthroughs. The game has very few bugs to date. However, the most common bug is the game crashing upon startup.

“OneShot” is definitely worth the $10 on Steam. The game is unique to say the least, and definitely worth at least one shot.