Student starts T-shirt company

Hanna Alemu, Reporter

Many people have dreamed of opening their own business and becoming a boss and hopefully making good money. Two students, starting at the beginning of February, are doing just that.

Dylan Hood, junior, with the assistance of his friend and future partner, Treyton Stewart, junior, have started a T-shirt designing company and are currently fundraising.

Hood’s drive to create this company originated from his desire to “do something creative besides drawing.” Hood hopes to “put together being creative and making clothes.”

“I’ll be asking people if they want to buy a shirt. We’ll draw the designs, then put it on a cleaner program and adjust and edit anything else, and then we will finish up and be good to go,” Hood said.

Screen printing, Hood explained, is like stenciling for T-shirts. Using an aluminum frame, one makes an outline of a design, cuts and puts it on a screen, then squeezes paint over the screen placed on top of the T-shirt. Hood has made great strides in learning the process of screen printing, he also hopes he can learn photo emulsion since it is a more efficient method of making T-shirts.

Although the boys do not have a specific style for the company, they want to design modern and retro looks, Hood said.

Although Hood would enjoy expanding his business in the future, he doesn’t have plans to expand past selling in his school and to relatives yet.

“At the moment I just want to have fun and make better money off of [the company]. I might expand to selling to other schools, but the problem is that I myself am attending school, and don’t have the time [needed to balance school and selling to multiple schools],” Hood said.