For some, books provide escape to different world

Hannah Holliday and Mara Gee, Reporters

For some students, reading can be boring, but for others “being able to escape into a different world is kind of nice,” Stephanie Hatfield, freshman, said.

Hatfield “instantly fell in love with the ‘Harry Potter’ series,” in which is her favorite book to escape through, “The Order of the Phoenix,” because “Luna Lovegood,” my favorite character, comes in.”

Sometimes, the difficulty is a matter of finding the right book. One way to do this is through social media.

Kayden Appleberry, senior, follows authors on Instagram “and they will recommend other authors,” she said.

Goodreads is an app that allows book lovers to search for titles, authors, and even keep progress logs and make note of how much they liked the novel. Goodreads users can also set a goal for how many books they want to read.

“I read 41 books last year,” Appleberry said. “I keep a log on my phone.”

Hatfield read around 20 books first semester, while Xylee Ramos, sophomore, reads around 2 books a month.

“I hated reading in third grade,” Nick Haight, freshman, said. Haight recalls getting interested in books when his dad set “The Hobbit” in front of him. Now, Haight estimates that he could read a book a day, “if I really push myself.”

There are a variety of genres students choose from, the most popular being science fiction. However, Ramos enjoys reading about poetry and health, especially books by Rupi Kaur.

“Every word she speaks empowers you,” Ramos said.

Sloan Cash, sophomore, reads books recommended to him from friends and family. Fellow students who are avid readers can also be sources for book recommendations.

Science fiction novels are a fan favorite all around. With Cash, Haight and Hatfield listing them as genres of choice.

“I know most teens don’t like romance, but if you want a romance that’s also coming of age [I would recommend] Sarah Dessen’s books,” Appleberry said. “The main character overcomes [challenges] and gains a boyfriend” in the end.