How does Aaliyah Pierce keep score of her life off court?


After playing basketball for 10 years, Aaliyah Pierce, senior, has learned to manage and balance the busy schedule that comes with the sport.

Pierce has played basketball since 2007 and has continued all the way to high school; she currently plays as post, but has played all positions.

“2007 wasn’t early enough to start playing for me,” Pierce said.

This season she wears the number 32, but in the past she has always loved to represent the number 9 on her jerseys for a variety of sports.

With all the games and practices, she explained it to be pretty hard to balance everything out and have a semi-normal teenage life spending time with friends and family outside of everything.

“It’s definitely really hard and a lot of late nights,” Pierce said.

Although she enjoys playing basketball, she will not continue it after high school and into college, but she will go on to play soccer at Johnson County Community College.

Aside from the multiple sports, Pierce is involved in theater, track, church youth group and fashion designing and said she wants to add another design class.

She plans on going to New York for fashion after high school and to continue that passion from the Big Apple where the big fashion icons are born.