WPA changes in the near future?

Willow Vaughn, Reporter

WPA also known as the Sadie Hawkins dance has always been the formal dance that some students look forward to at the start of second semester; however, rumors have spread about the formal changing.

This is the one dance that connects graduated students and parents to the newer generations.

Everyone has heard of the dance where the girl asks the guy, whether it is called sweetheart, winter formal, WPA or Sadie Hawkins.

Girls have the chance to be in the guy’s shoes and ask their friend to the dance.

To some girls and guys, this is important because they don’t have the hassle of the packed crowd of Homecoming, and for underclassmen this is the last formal dance they can attend before the year ends.

One student said, “It should be formal because sophomores and freshmen can only go to Homecoming and WPA.”

Another student sees it as a chance to dress up and have a fun experience in high school.

“I don’t think turning this dance into an informal one would go over well. Dances are an excuse to dress up and have an experience you don’t get very often,” Delaney Garrelts, senior, said.

Just as Garrelts wants WPA to stay formal, so does Evan Kauffman, senior.

“I like how it’s not as crowded as Homecoming,” Kauffman said.

However, these rumors of change have been extinguished and WPA will remain the same as in the past.