Affordable gift ideas for all the people on your ‘Santa’ list


Audrey Caudle

Three boxes.


Unless she has given you a list of what she wants, here are some ideas on what to get that special girl this holiday season.

Fuzzy socks are always a great gift to give because what girl doesn’t like fuzzy socks?

The most mentioned gifts suggested by students were flowers and chocolates, but it has always been said that jewelry is a girl’s best friend, so stop by Claire’s for inexpensive, yet adorable, jewelry.




Stumped on what to buy for your mom and/or dad this holiday season? Look no further. Here are some gift ideas that will make parents leap for joy.

The top gift selected by students to give to parents was clothing, such as sweaters, ties, jeans, etc.

The next frequently mentioned gift was a hand-made picture frame. This gift is a simple, yet unique gift that has a sentimental value that parents will adore.

Some students also mentioned giving the cliché, yet clever, gift of chore coupons, or simply spending time with parents, such as taking them to dinner or the movies.




For this season of joyous cheer and laughter, give him a gift that will put a smile on his face and put little strain on your wallet.

A clever gift idea is a mixtape, or playlist, of songs he will enjoy, but possibly has not heard. This gift is a bit retro, takes much thought and has a sentimental value.

Other gift ideas are taking him out to dinner, making him desserts, or getting him knickknacks of his favorite sports teams.



There are plenty of gifts to give a friend without having to break the bank.

We all have that friend who is constantly breaking or losing his/her earphones, so for this holiday season, why not get them a backup pair. Earphones are inexpensive and useful, and friends will highly appreciate it as a gift.

It’s also getting cold outside, so maybe give a friend a winter care package containing fuzzy socks, blankets, candy, hot chocolate, etc.

Other gifts suggested by students were gift cards, a picture collage, and fun t-shirts.




Of course, siblings can be quite a pain, but that does not mean they do not deserve a nice gift this time of year.

The highest suggested gifts for siblings were small toys and video games. So if there was a game your sibling has been begging your parents to buy, but they just would not cave, maybe put this game at the top of your list.

Other fun gifts to give to a sibling this holiday season are cosmetics, lotions, pajamas, and phone cases. These are all gifts that siblings will enjoy and use frequently.