How is Hayley Murguia able to manage all of her time?


Audrey Caudle

Hayley Murguia, senior, plays first chair cello in the Orchestra.

Kali Ray, Reporter

Murguia is used to a busy life style, having something to do from dawn to dusk.

“I don’t really go home all that often,” Murguia said. “I stay here and do homework in between rehearsals and practices.”

This busy schedule is not new to Murguia; she has been a part of clubs for a while.

She has done I Choose to Live and orchestra for four years, FCA for three years, and swim, cross country, and the Writing Center for two years. She does not give any one activity more time though.

“I think my time is split equally between FCA, I Choose to Live, and whatever sport is in season,” Murguia said.

Murguia does not do just any activity though.

“I’m involved in things that help me develop mentally and physically,” Murguia explained. “I like to see progress in those areas.”

Her favorite activity is the Writing Center.

“The Writing Center [is my favorite] because I feel like I learn a lot too, and I love working with students,” Murguia said.

Murguia was excited when she was asked to join the Writing Center.

“I always wanted to be a peer tutor, but didn’t feel good enough in the other subjects,” Murguia laughed.

Murguia said everyone should come by the Writing Center some time.


Senior Class vice president, cross country, swim team, Writing Center, Orchestra, FCA, ICTL

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