Must List: Horror Movies


“Hush” is a phenomenal horror movie that feeds into the fear of isolation and gives anyone watching a feeling of helplessness.

The movie follows the protagonist, Maddie, as she is trapped in her house in the woods by a deranged madman.

There is a catch, however; Maddie has lost her hearing due to an auto-immune disease she developed years ago, leaving her invader with an advantage.

Maddie has to use her intuition and a lot of creativity to outsmart her stalker and escape from her house into the vast wilderness.

“Hush” perfectly projects a tense atmosphere and will always keep you guessing.

The Mummy

The Mummy” remake was an exciting version of the original, proudly starring a female villain (an ancient Egyptian princess) instead of a male one.

Nick Morton, played by Tom Cruise, unearths the ancient tomb of Ahmanet, played by Sofia Boutella, and releases a curse into the modern world.

The movie is full of creepy undead minions, men becoming monsters, and gigantic sandstorms plaguing the earth.

Most Likely to Die

“Most Likely to Die” is a thrilling horror story about a killer, the Graduate, who stalks, harasses and kills his former classmates at their 10 year reunion.

The horror begins when a couple goes missing, and their group goes looking for them.

They soon figure out the killer’s methods of killing and who he will target next.

The story takes you through a series of thrilling chases and twists that are sure to have you on the edge of your seat.