Worlds of Fun serves up fear


Sarah Buehler

Staff members went to Worlds of Fun and attended multiple haunted houses. This photo was taken outside of the haunted house, Urgent Scare. It features a bus near the line to the haunted house. The quotation on the side of the bus says “cures for the sick that will stick it to you” with a needle above the quotation.

Aysiah Loving, Reporter

Looking for something fun to do this spooky season, some Eyrie staff members packed up and headed to Worlds of Fun on Sept. 29.

Every year around this time, World’s of Fun has a series of haunted houses, which they refer to as The Haunt.

On Friday and Saturday Nights, the fun amusement park turns into a fright fest. This event ends on Oct.28.

For $37, three of us had fun exploring different haunted houses (Urgent Scare, Lore of the Vampire, and Blood on the Bayou) and riding the roller coasters.

#1. Urgent Scare

The first haunted house was called Urgent Scare.

The house did a play on a medical hospital filled with insane patients.

After waiting in a line for nearly 10 minutes, we were anxious. There was gothic music playing and fake blood everywhere (at least I think it was fake).

As soon as we walked in, there was a video of a surgery that we tried to guess what it was of, but we gave up after a while.

Overall, the experience was fun, but a bit cliché.

“It was scary, but nothing really surprised me. I could already tell if someone was going to jump out at me,” Sarah Buehler, senior, said.

#2. Lore of the Vampire

The Lore of the Vampire was probably the least entertaining out of the three we attended.

The idea of the haunted house was to feel as though one is walking into a den of vampires.

The house used a lot of props and mannequins, which made the experience seem unrealistic and took away from much of the fun.

“The house was a little boring, but the guy who jumped out with bungee cords was kind of scary,” Evan Kauffman, senior, said.

In all honesty, after the “Twilight” saga, vampires are a bit played out, making this house mediocre and not very scary.

 #3. Blood on the Bayou

Lastly, Blood on the Bayou was definitely the scariest.

This house put a scary spin on Southern life.

What separated this house from thwe others was the actors. The workers at this house were very in character and were not afraid to be scary and get personal.

One of the actors came up behind me unexpectedly and blew on my neck, then proceeded to follow me around the house. And, that was creepy.

“Blood on the Bayou was probably my favorite because the theme was cool,” Kauffman said.