It’s a must—


  1. Ricky Dillon’s Twisted Truth or Dare—

Looking for an exciting way to pass time?  Youtuber Ricky Dillon has released a game that puts a playful, yet crude, spin on the popular party games Most Likely To and Truth or Dare.

The game is called Ricky Dillon’s Twisted Truth or Dare; the rules are quite simple. First, a player selects a pink card labeled “Twisted” and reads it aloud. The players then decides who would be most likely to perform the action described on the card.

Next, the person selected by the group takes the Twisted card and chooses a Truth or Dare card, and the round restarts. The player who receives 10 Twisted cards the fastest loses.

Although this game is fun, it is definitely meant for a mature audience, so I would not recommend playing with your parents.

2. Million Dollars, But …

Million Dollars, But… is an original and creative game created by Rooster Teeth Productions, originating as a YouTube series and evolving into the entertaining board game it is today.

The player selects a card that will give him a hypothetical scenario where he gets a million dollars, but something horrible happens as a consequence.

There’s only one question players need to ask. “Would I take the million?”

3. Antichamber—

Antichamber is a game that takes thinking outside-the-box to thinking “within-the-hypercube.”

Released by the Demruth game company in 2013, this game utilizes physics-defying concepts, backwards thinking and impossible objects in order to solve complex puzzles, and running in Unreal Engine (a game engine created by Epic Games) in order to support its design.
Antichamber focuses especially on impossible geometry in its design and environment, using an art style very similar to a mix of M.C. Escher’s abstract concepts and De Stijl’s color and form elements.