Job openings for students available online

Sion Worley, Reporter

Many students leave their summer jobs in order to return to school, yet still need a source of income to support themselves. Luckily, employment opportunities are constantly available on the school webpage.

Even though students are usually unable to continue their regular jobs while school is in session, local businesses often post job openings on the Olathe school district’s website. These openings can vary from one-off employment opportunities to jobs that include career advancement and could allow for a future in the industry.

While most jobs available are for cashiers, daycare supervisors, or various positions dealing with food, some are unique and can offer valuable experience in certain fields.

Jobs on the website “are only located in the Olathe metropolitan area,” Amy Iwert, counselor, said. “This makes commuting easier for students and helps support our local businesses.”

The online listings are always available to students and are constantly being updated. Some examples currently available include Jose Peppers: front-of-house positions, Buffalo Wild Wings: cashier/greeter and Marshalls: sales associates. There are usually over 20 job openings at any given time.