Students let loose, explore, travel

Khadija Ceesay and Maddie Smith

Summer is a time where students get to let loose, have fun, and explore countless possibilities; that’s exactly what some students did.

Some students got to live out one of their dreams like Chase Simmons, senior, who performed his dream role in the musical ‘Jesus Christ Super Star’. He has enjoyed the show for eight years and had a great time bonding with his fellow cast mates and performing as Simon Peter.

Most went on trips around the state and even the world. (Junior Ashley Pontuti) went on a small trip to Branson, Miss. for three days. She got to see her uncle’s best friend and go zip lining at Silver Dollar City.

Morgan Kern, sophomore, traveled to Arizona for a softball camp at a local university. “My favorite part was being on campus and staying in the dorms with her friends”.

Freshman Hayley Neilson went across to Florida and her favorite part was the nice weather along with the beach. Neilson got to visit her cousins and spend more time with them.

Madelyne Parker, senior, got to go on a trip to Italy and enjoyed it because she “got to be outside of the U.S. with her older brother before he went off to college.”

Giovanni Marino, junior, also went on a trip to Italy and enjoyed the locals and the markets around the city. He recalls that Venice had very moderate temperatures and that in some places in Italy the heat was as much as 100 degrees. He ventured around Rome with his mom and brother while his dad and his other brother spent time in Ireland for soccer.

Another trip taker was Nate Fales, freshman, who went to Mexico with his family. Fales had “a lot of fun because not only was I out of Kansas but also out of the country”. He thoroughly enjoyed sharing that experience with his family.

Some students relaxed at home and enjoyed themselves like Alec Sappenfield, senior.

Sappenfield relaxed with friends and hung out. He loved the “pure stupidity of it all and goofing off with them”. Or Jarret Braeen who spent a lot of his summer playing football with new and old football friends and creating a bond.

Jaimeson Satterfield, senior, celebrated his birthday with his close friends including the ones leaving for college. “Getting to play games and hang with his closest friends was amazing,” Satterfield said.

Braden Colt, freshman went swimming with his friends at Blackbob Bay. Colt liked seeing and hanging out with his friends at the pool.

Other students had to spend the summer working like Peyton Consani, junior, who saved up over $1000 to spend on Johnson county Community College. She saved up by working as a Starbucks barista at Hyvee.