College visits aid student preparation

Kayla Balcom, Reporter

College is on the horizon for many seniors.

College visits are one way to prepare for college. Several different representatives from universities across the United States also come here to present about their schools.

To find out what college will visit next, students can tune in to the announcements, read the newsletter, check outside room 301, or stop by the counseling office.

On Sept. 25, Avila University and Olivet Nazarene University will be here. On Sept. 27, Westminster University will visit.

Some things a student can expect from a visit are “personal intimate gatherings with a representative, students can ask about procedures and get general information,” Donna Peters, secretary, said.

Students can sign up by going into the counseling office and asking for Peters or in the black binder labelled “college visits” on her desk.

On average, about 20 kids sign up for places like Kansas University, K-State, and Emporia State.

Smaller colleges, private colleges, or less well known colleges usually see a turn up of five to six kids.

However, there isn’t a limit on how many people can go to a visit. There are lots of benefits to going, including vital information from questions asked of the representatives.

In addition, all sponsored college visits occur on campus. No outside of school fieldtrips need to be made.

All college visits are free. As well, there’s no limit to how many visits one could attend.