Student prepares for life outside of high school

Maddie Black, Reporter



That’s the best way to describe Carolyn Wilson, sophomore, who is involved in 16 activities at school and already has her life planned out.

She is planning on either going to Wasburn University or Yale University for forensic science. Chemistry is her favorite type of science because she loves elements and solving puzzles. “I can’t imagine myself doing anything different,” Wilson said.

Last year she participated in the science fair where she met with Troy Mohror, fingerprint specialist from Wasburn that told her about an internship that she can take as a senior. Wilson said, “I’m hoping that internship will provide a good start for me to become a forensics scientist.”

She is taking two AP classes and three other advanced classes to prepare for college. “My hope is that taking difficult classes now will help me prepare for college and help me reach my goal,” Wilson said.

Even with all advanced classes, planning for college, and being in clubs there is one thing she loves more than all of that.


“I have built up my endurance and love for running throughout the years,” Wilson said, “which led me to cross country.” Half way through her first season of cross country she tore a ligament in her foot and continued to run on it which led her to fracturing her foot in many different places.

“I almost needed surgery which would have led me to a year without running,” Wilson said. Luckily she only needed to wear a boot for five months.

Why so involved? All of the activities she is in reflect what she likes to do—FOR club, Marching Band, Science Olympiad, Science Fair, Math Team, Scholars’ Bowl, Friends of Rachel, B.R.A.V.E., I Choose to Live, PACER, cross country, swim, track, FCA, Endure, Falcon Mentors, and Chess Club.

With being so involved, Wilson wants to increase her chances of reaching her goal of becoming a forensic scientist. As a matter of fact, she wants to be in more clubs, but has no more time.