How does Peter Winslow sing and balance his life?


Peter Winslow, senior, sings in his choir class.

Megan Pham, Feature Editor

Being in a plethora of activities like Brave, I choose to live, and Green Team, Peter Winslow, senior, still has time for singing and hanging out with friends.

In order to express his interests, he joins activities.

Two of the things he’s passionate about is green team and choir.

Winslow has been in choir for eight years, counting middle school, and two years in Southside choir.

Winslow is also involved in a barbershop quartet.

“Right now in choir we are singing a song called, ‘Music of Stillness,’ which is really pretty,” Winslow said.

His plan is to go to college and get a degree in either environmental engineering or a bachelor’s in biology with a focus on ecology.

“I’d love to do choir while doing that, but I’m not going to have that be a career choice,” Winslow said.

In order for Winslow to do the things he does, he has a schedule to follow.

“Just be organized. Like have a planner or someway of knowing what you’re doing that day. Try to get ahead of things and also with the balancing with activities and stuff, only do the things you want to do. There’s no point in doing something that you’re not going to be committed to because then it just becomes a struggle,” Winslow said.