News briefs

Assessment Day 

Coming up on Oct. 11, students will have the opportunity to take the PSAT or the ASVAB. Testing will take place from 8 a.m.-noon, followed by lunch.

After lunch, students will also attend advisory and seventh hour for 83 minutes.

Freshmen are able to take PSAT 8/9 or the PSAT. Sophomores will take the ACT practice test or register to take the PSAT; sophomores can also sign up to take the ASVAB. Juniors will take the ACT practice test, register to take PSAT or sign up to take the ASVAB.

Seniors have the opportunity to take the practice ACT or the ASVAB, but if seniors don’t wish to take a test, Rebecca Reyes, business teacher, will run an activity in the library.

The activity is still being decided. Reyes is discussing having a five-stop rotation of different presentations.

All tests are free except for the PSAT which is $17.


StuCo Freshman Elections 

This year the Freshman Class is having a freshman team instead of class officers and representatives.

This freshman team includes Addi Blum, Jackson Brown, Peyton Dean, Archisa Ghimire, Josh Gillen, Analexis Lester-Urbanik, Karen Morales, Tori Pickering, Madi Ross, Naomi Solomon and Selena Umana. These students applied to be representatives and one applied to be an officer.

The sponsors are very excited to be working with these students.



The debate season has started, and the team had a practice tournament Sept. 16.

The competition was just a practice for novice, so no decisions were rendered. The advanced debaters volunteered to help out the novice team and run the tournament.

Carter Jones, senior, said that he thought it would “be a good learning espierence. “

The topic this year is the funding and/or regulation of elementary and/ or secondary education in the U.S.