It’s a Must


‘Ready Player One’: by Delaney Garrelts

“Ready Player One” is a book about a dystopian future where real life is hard and full of starvation, and most of peoples lives are lived in virtual reality.

In this virtual world, the creator hid three secret keys that would unlock the secrets to the game, and give the winner control, power, and money.

The clues to find the keys are focused on all things 80’s, and Wade, the protagonist, manages to find the first key before anyone else does.

After that, it’s a race to the finish between Wade, his friends, and a company trying to control the game, and therefore the world.


‘Musical Therapy’: by Maddie Kindig

Spotify has a feature that allows you to browse playlists by genre. A Spotify-made playlist called “Musical Therapy” can be found under the “focus” genre.

It is a playlist of all instrumental songs that are meant to have a soothing quality to them. Most of the songs on the playlist are very good as background music to listen to while working on homework or any menial task.

The songs are not distracting, but instead provide listeners with a calming atmosphere that allows them to relieve stress.


‘The Wolf Among Us’: by Willow Vaughn

The addictive “The Wolf Among Us” was developed by Telltale Games in 2013-2014, based off the comic series “Fables” that was published by DC comic’s Vertigo.

The game takes place in the fantasy city of Fabletown, where characters of different fairytales, poems, folklore and nursery rhymes have come to live. However, even though these are stories children might know, they all have a alluring dark twist that comes with being in a dangerous and maleficent city in 1986.

The entrancing story focuses on Bigby Wolf, the gruff sheriff of Fabletown, as he tries to uncover the culprit and motive for the murders that show up at his doorstep. Bigby discovers the darker, illegal part of the town that he had turned a blind eye to so long as no one was killed, has expanded much farther then he thought and affected people he didn’t expect it to.

Following the string that leads to the culprit, Bigby finds that there are more secrets about the town and its residents than he assumed, and there are different endings to every fable.