Seniors and Juniors: what to do next

Emma Collins, Feature Editor

Attention, all seniors and juniors! Have you been thinking of what you need to do to get ready for the near future?

The counselors have some advice on what to do and what to look forward to as the year comes to an end.

Many seniors all know the term “senioritis” and have either experienced it themselves or know some who has.

“Seniors should make sure to not have senioritis and not get into a habit of not turning in homework and class work,” Traci Johnson, guidance counselor, said. This will help seniors and incoming seniors to glide though the school year easier.

It’s essential, by word of the counselors, that seniors and juniors do their best in class, work on time management, and try to learn skills that are needed for college.

“Juniors should be looking into what colleges they possibly want to go to and to see about scholarships available to them,” Johnson said. Helpful ways of doing that would be taking advantage of the college visits, talking to advisors from colleges.

Scholarship information is available on the counselors’ website, through many other websites, and sometimes through a parent’s work place.

Students who are not looking for scholarships and don’t think college is for them should make sure to “keep their options open, don’t just settle for one job, make a good resume, and have good interview skills,” Johnson stated. Students can ask the counselors for tips and advice on improvement for these skills and/or how to fix up their resume.

All students are encouraged to meet with their counselor and talk to them about any questions and/or concerned they may have.