How is Brett Knappenberger ‘engineering’ his future?


Willow Vaughn, Reporter

Brett Knappenberger, senior, has been working hard towards his goal of specializing in mechanical engineering throughout his high school career.

Having structured his electives over the past four years towards the field, he said the career would suit him perfectly.

“I’ve taken every Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) class available and I’ve taken math through Calculus,” Knappenberger said. “I definitely feel like mechanical engineering is my favorite career.”

Coming from a Kansas State University family, he hopes to continue the tradition, attending K-State with a major in mechanical engineering, then transferring to a more prestigious and engineering-focused college for his masters degree.

Knappenberger hopes to put his education to use by working for a globally-renowned car company such as General Motors or Ford.

He is also well-known for his strong musical passion, participating in Jazz Band which allows him to express his creativity and musical talent.

“I enjoy the opportunity to work with others on making music,” Knappenberger said. “It’s a great outlet and I can make a lot of like-minded friends.”