Why is Mallory Trembly always so fashionable?


Mara Gee, Reporter

Mallory Trembly has always had a love for fashion.

She first expressed a desire to dress herself when she was in preschool and her mom let her. Looking back, Trembly thinks this was a “horrible” decision.

One outfit she wore consisted of flare jeans, a skirt, turtleneck and shirt on top, Trembly said.

When she was younger, she would help her mom make clothes. Once, she and her mom made aprons to give to her grandmother for Christmas.

Trembly took her first sewing class in seventh grade. Since then she has taken Textiles I and is currently taking Textiles II.

Trembly had a part in making the outfits for the March 30 fashion show, Era. The clothes she made portrayed life as a high school student in the ‘70s, with emphasis on bell-bottoms, Bohemian style and disco.

Her color palette included green, tan, brown, pink, blue and rainbows.

One pair of shorts she made had “rainbows on the back,” Trembly said.

Trembly also made a maxi skirt, which was particularly difficult, and a scarf, which was the easiest since “it’s just a square.”

Even though Trembly plans on pursuing a career as a high school psychology teacher, she will continue to sew.