It’s a Must


‘Nigh’: By Christian Cortes

Nioh is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, roleplaying game with a creative art stye and challenging, but fun gameplay.

Nioh is set in Japan in 1600, where players will take control of a European samurai named William.

Players visit different places and complete missions as they fight their way through human and yokai (monsters based on a type of supernatural beings in Japanese folklore) to complete missions and collect different types of medieval weapons.

Anyone who has an interest in Japanese culture and enjoys challenging games will find Nioh worth his time and money.

The game currently has an 87/100 score on Metacritic.


‘The Space between us’: Delaney Garrelts

“The Space between Us” is an entertaining story of literally star crossed lovers, as well as a longing to belong somewhere in the world, even if you’ve never lived there before.

It’s about Gardner Elliot, who was born on Mars after an attempt at colonization. It failed, and he was left to live there alone. He slowly fell for a girl named Tulsa online, and the idea of life on Earth.

He jumps at his first chance to get to Earth, but heartbreakingly his organs can’t withstand the atmosphere there.


‘Duolingo’: By Jamie Pelikaan

Learning languages has never been more accessible through technology. “Duolingo,” in particular, has made learning the basics of a foreign language easier and more convenient

The premise of “Duolingo” is providing a series of pictures, words and conversations to help the user become more proficient in the language.

Users can be completely new to the language or just bettering their skills. “Duolingo” offers a myriad of languages to learn from French to Welsh to Vietnamese.

“Duolingo” is free to download.