More than just a holiday for couples


Khadija Ceesay , Reporter

Valentine’s Day. It’s one of the biggest times of the year when people are most divided between love and hatred for the holiday. Depending on whether people are part of a couple or not, their opinions on the holiday change.

Peyton Consani, sophomore, believes the best way to spend Valentine’s is “doing what you want with the person you like.” This year, Consani plans on going to the Broadway production of “Phantom of the Opera” with her partner.

Maddy Smith, junior, also believes that the best way to spend the holiday is “with people you care about, should that be a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or just some friends.”

Though many may agree with Consani on the best and most common way to spend Valentine’s, many others have a different idea.

Kate Layson, sophomore, said that simply being at home with pizza is how she plans to spend the holiday.

Hannah Alleyne, senior, said the same thing: “chilling at home with pizza.”

Alexi Fisher, freshman, said the best way to spend the holiday for her is “to be alone at home with my cat and eat ice cream.” She said it’s mostly “for people who are happy together and a couple to spend quality time together.”

Fisher has a basketball game on Valentine’s, and after it, she plans on going out to eat with her teammates and friends.

Cara Gibbs, junior, said her ideal Valentine’s Day would be watching “Sweeney Todd” while eating chocolates with fillings, alone in her fort. This year she said Valentine’s for her will be a “self-care night with face masks.”

Elizabeth Fite, freshman, plans to just spend time with family and friends watching movies without the stress of a relationship.

Spencer Foster and Maddy Kindig, sophomores, plan on celebrating Valentine’s with dinner, since Kindig’s birthday is very close to the holiday. The couple said that Valentine’s is “pretty pointless and not a real holiday unless you’re in a relationship. It/s an excuse to be mushy and loving.”

They shared some Valentines day movies such as “The Notebook,” “La La Land,” and “Kung Fu Panda” `                  their favorites to watch together.