‘Skyrim Remastered’ shouts away the competition

Evan Kauffman and Jamie Pellikaan


The “Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Remastered” is a new take on a game that revolutionized the gaming industry. Released in 2011, “Skyrim” received over 20 game-of-the-year awards and swept the industry in game sales. To date, according to Bethesda LLC, they have sold 22.7 million copies.

But now the game has been re-released. Formatted for the next generation of consoles with modification (mod) capacities, “Skyrim Remastered” is something every gamer should have in their collection.

The main focus of the game is the new feature of being able to add mods; however, the new graphics are nothing to be overlooked.

With newly retextured snow, fog and water, the land of “Skyrim” never looked more enchanting. The new graphics update helps achieve more realistic effects for the weather and environment of the game.

Additionally, the game features a new setting that adjusts the players’ “depth of field.” This feature affects how much detail is given at a distance, sort of like peripheral vision, blurry at a distance.

A major centerpiece of the “Skyrim” game has been the mods. Made by fans, mods can alter any aspect of the game from the way the graphics look, to adding new locations to even expanding upon the gameplay.

For example, the mod “The Forgotten City” is a mod that adds in over eight hours of additional gameplay to the original game as well as non-player characters (NPCs) and items.

Before the release of “Skyrim Remastered,” mods were only available to players on the PC platform. Now, that has changed. By utilizing the Internet capabilities of the next generation consoles, players can add mods to their Skyrim experience without a computer.

For someone who is unfamiliar with the mod process, it can be confusing. However, the process was user-friendly and easy to manage and understand.

The only downside was not being able to find specific mods, such as “The Forgotten City,” as not all are compatible with the newly remastered game.

Graphics mods help immerse the player into the world even further, using hyper-realistic textures for trees, mountains and even character and NPC models.

Overall, if someone did not like the original “Skyrim” game, this new remastered version brings a whole new feeling to the action-packed RPG.