Why does Courtland Triplett love being class president?


Alex Francis

Courtland Triplett, senior, reading to the creative writing class

Kali Ray, Reporter

Courtland Triplett, senior,  is this year’s Senior Class president and has enjoyed every minute of it.

He became interested in Student Council in his sophomore year when he became part of General Assembly (now called Student Senate).

Triplett said he didn’t really expect to win the presidential race, mainly due to the students he ran against, but is happy nonetheless.

“There’s so many great things about being president,” Triplett said.

Triplett has not been idle as class president.

He and the other officers were able to push through a class meeting with not only the class sponsors, but with the administration, Phil Clark, principal, and the StuCo sponsors.

“We were able to set up the very first class meeting in South’s history,” Triplett said.

He wanted to allow the students to have a say in what activities they planned during the senior outing

“What that involved was allowing the students we represent a voice,” Triplett explained.

He hopes that by next year students will be able to vote on things like class outings and dance themes.

Triplett plans to go to the University of Kansas next year to major in politics.

“I hope to [one day] be mayor of Kansas City, Kan.,” Triplett said.