What’s Natalie Boos’ favorite part about being a leader?


Corinne Staley

Natalie Boos playing bass

Rachel Pierson, Reporter

For many years Natalie Boos, senior, has been involved in many different activities including choir, orchestra, and Falcon Flight Crew.

In two of these activities, Boos holds leadership positions.

“I enjoy inspiring others to better themselves,” Boos said.

Boos has been playing in the orchestra for seven years and has been singing in various choirs in, as well as outside of school for 13 years. Boos has also been involved in Falcon Flight Crew for two years.

Planning to become a music educator in the future, Boos wants to gain as much experience in music as possible, which is why she has been involved in orchestra and choir for so long.

“Being in these activities has helped me grow as a person and inspire others,” Boos said.

Boos also said that some of her favorite memories while having leadership positions in these activities are pep assemblies, concerts, practices and rehearsals.

More specifically for Falcon Flight Crew, Boos enjoys getting together with friends and planning activities.

“These different activities have helped me gain experience with conflict, arrange different events, grow as a person, and realize that more than just one person can be a leader in a group,” Boos said.