Students urged to use caution

Jamie Pellikaan , Opinion Editor

Every spring seems to usher in a desire to break loose, so unwise choices happen more frequently. Things can escalate even more when Prom is factored in.

The Eyrie staff feels as though this season is not to be taken lightly. In fact, the staff believes that the best response is to simply move away, and if needed, students should remove themselves from the situation.

We feel that especially at this time and on Prom night wearing a seatbelt and driving safely takes precedence over acting “cool” in front of friends.

One can easily keep out of trouble by making the right choices and not letting stupid people talk students into doing stupid things.

Also we at the Eyrie feel that you should never drink and drive, and this is important to remember during the spring season and on Prom night.

However, some of the staff feels as though Prom is no reason for extra caution.

They feel as though every day should not be taken lightly and that students should exhibit the same level of caution during Prom as they would any other day.

We feel the choice is ultimately up to each individual to do the “smart” thing or not.

Most agree that how much extra pressure is experienced during this time of the year ultimately depends on whom people hang out with.

The Eyrie cautions everyone to think before acting.