Channeling students…

Students use Youtube for creativity

Lauri Hoedl, Reporter

YouTube is the host to endless amateur cat videos as well as more professional work, such as “Adele Carpool Karaoke” by James Corden (host of CBS’ “The Late Late Show”) with more than 91 million views since Jan. 13. Joining the ranks of these YouTubers are several students.

Jaelyne Long, sophomore, started her YouTube channel, JaelyneGrace, freshman year. Long’s purpose for creating her channel was “the thought that my content could make people happy.”

Her friends are her inspiration for her videos, and they are also most of her viewers. Other YouTubers, such as ConnorFranta and ThatsSoJack, influence her videos and ideas.

Long recommends watching her “Capri Sun Challenge Gone Wrong” video, a challenge where they attempted to drink five Capri Suns in three minutes without throwing up.

Her “Capri Sun Challenge Gone Wrong” video has the most views on her channel, with 221.

To edit the videos, Long, along with Kennedy Kelleher, sophomore, uses iMovie. iMovie is an app for Apple products to edit and crop videos.

Kelleher made YouTube videos in eighth grade, then deleted them when she got into high school.

She made videos as a time filler and to express her love of beauty and fashion. She began by watching others and then moved on to creating because she thought it looked fun.

The inspiration for her videos came from other YouTubers, such as MakeupByMandy24, MadisonRoseBeauty1 and MyLifeAsEva.

Kelleher’s most popular video was “Phone Case Collection” with around 8,000 views. Some of her views came from classmates and others from other fashion YouTubers.

Simon Potter, junior, makes YouTube videos on his channel, SmallzTv, mostly of his playing “League of Legends.” Potter began making videos at age 10, but then quit until high school.

He makes the videos because it is the only job he is interested in and “wants to perform and make people laugh.”

Potter said, “I plan on making videos as long as I can, or until I get bored. But I do not see myself getting bored of YouTube.”

He begins his video making process by either finding a fun game or something crazy to do in the game. Then he starts recording himself playing the game with Screen Capture or HDPDR. After the initial recording, Potter starts to edit his video.

For editing, he uses Final Cut Pro. Potter said, “Editing is frustrating, but fun.” He finds it “relieving when it all comes together” after the editing.

All three YouTubers have used the website to entertain themselves and others in hopes of impacting others’ lives positively via their videos.