How will Nathan Helgeson become the next Bill Gates?

Reagan Devinney, Reporter

Nathan Helgeson, senior, has been a member of the Robotics team since last year.

He joined because he enjoys engineering as well as problem solving and wanted to be more involved with school activities.

When Helgeson first joined, he did the designing aspects. That means that he assisted in sketching out and drawing the plans for the robot.

Every year, different groups of people do a variety of tasks throughout the entire team.  This year, he is on the fund-raising team.

Helgeson is wanting to do something like robotics as a career after high school.

“I’m going into computer science which is in the engineering field,” Helgeson said.

In that field, he would be doing things like programming, writing software for a technology company and solving data problems to get patterns out of it.

Helgeson is going to Kansas State University (KSU) in hopes of at least getting a bachelor’s or a higher degree.

“I want to go into that program because I enjoy problem solving and computer science is basically applied problem-solving,” Helgeson said.

He ended up choosing KSU because he likes their program and the feel of the campus, and he also got the Putnam Scholarship.



Robotics, Science Olympiad, Orchestra, Chess Club and NHS.

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