Blogging helps student find herself


Emmalee Reed

Anissa Presley, senior, and her blog.

Kylie Aloi, Reporter

High school is the time when students begin to discover who they are and who they want to be. Anissa Prelsey, senior, uses blogging to help find herself and to relieve stress.

Presley began her blog this summer at the start of July. Her website is through WordPress and can be found at

At the time, she was struggling with events that had recently occurred in her life. “I began writing when I needed to get my emotions off my chest,” Presley said. Blogging has given Presley an opportunity to vent about things that she is going through.

Presley was inspired to start he blog after hearing that her close friend had one. She thought since they were similar, it would be a great way to share how she was feeling.

Since starting her blog, she has been updating it about every two weeks or when a significant event happens. Since the website’s creation, she has had over 280 views to her blog.

On Presley’s blog, she has created visual aids to go along with the topic of her stories. Most of the images on Presley’s blog are created by her. The images that she does not take credit for, she alters by adding text and using special affects with the apps “VSCO” and “Phonto.”

Though her writing is personal, Presley hopes that her writing reaches a certain audience and helps them with the struggles they are going through as well.

Presley has no aspiration to become a writer, but instead, uses her blogging as a digital diary. “Some of the work posted on my blog has come from my physical diary at home,” Presley said.

By blogging, Presley has been able to help some of her friends. She hopes to help other students overcome difficult times in their lives and to inspire them to find themselves through blogging.