CBR students medal in Job Olympics

Emma Sanders, Reporter

Eleven students medaled in the Northeast Regional Kansas Job Olympics at Johnson County Community College on Wednesday, April 1.

Center Based Resource students competed in events such as towel folding, coin recognition and making change for people.

Catherine Wormus, Life Skills teacher, helped the students prepare since before spring break. “We started preparing a bit before spring break, and we really dove into it right after we got back,” Wormus said.

The student peers from Wormus’s Interpersonal Skills class were paired with CBR students and worked exclusively with them every day to prepare for the competitions the students would compete in.

Each student competed in three to four events that day.

The students who were awarded medals were Clayton Renner, senior, and Serena Vassor, junior, in coin recognition; Davinae Butler, freshman, and Crystal Pfitzner, senior, in envelope stuffing; Danny Morones and Emerson Cho, sophomores, and Pfitzner in setting and bussing tables; Colin Robertson, junior, and Chase Williams, junior, in shredding paper; Pfitzner and Tyler Sherril, junior in bagging groceries; Sherril and Alex Small, sophomore, in change amounts; Robertson in vacuuming; Sherril in job applications; Small in check writing; and Matthew Horn, senior, in folding towels.

“These skills are going to help the students get jobs later on in life,” Wormus said.