Horror Classics For Halloween


“Which is your favorite, Scream or Halloween?”

“Definitely Halloween!” – Mr. Thornburg “Halloween.” – Violet Amberson


“What is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?”

“Probably Nope” – Aly Arenholz “I would say the Conjuring movies.” – Mr. Aitken


“What is the movie that scared you the most growing up?”

“Gremlins terrified me!” – Alicen Silva


It’s spooky season again, which means it’s time to pop some popcorn, make a grocery store run for candy, grab some blankets, and let the horror movie marathon begin. Here are some of the all time classics to rewatch during the haunted season this year.


“A Nightmare on Elm Street”: A cinematic classic released in 1984, about a dreamwalker, with a sharp pair of gloves named Freddy Kreuger, who invades his victims’ minds giving them nightmares before taking them out. The film was a box office hit resulting in several sequels that made the series a household name. Definitely a perfect horror flick. 8.5/10.



“Get Out”: Released in 2017, Jordan Peele’s modern classic, which won best screenplay at the Academy Awards. An indie horror movie that grossed $255.4 million on a $4.5 million budget. The movie boasts an incredible performance by Daniel Kaluuya, as well as stellar dialogue and world building. 9/10.


“Scream”: Released in 1996 an instant horror success directed by Wes Craven in his thrilling hit that reinvented the horror genre and spawned several sequels. The story of the high school killers in one iconic mask and a box office and cr​​itical hit that is one of Wes Craven’s best films. A required October rewatch. 9/10.


“Nope”: Released this year by Jordan Peele, a soon to be horror classic comes when two young siblings investigate the entity that killed their father and journey to catch the ship on camera. Killer performances and great Steven Spielberg style visuals. One heck of a film. 8.5/10.


“Hereditary”: A breakout hit from indie studio A24 known as one of the most unnerving films of all time. Directed by Ari Aster, Hereditary was a critical and financial success story, and put A24 on the map for original horror films. Making almost $100 million worldwide and holding a strong 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, definitely a terrifying watch. 8/10.


“Halloween”: The classic horror story of Michael Myers starring Jamie Lee Curtis, directed by John Carpenter. Beautiful cinematography, terrifying shots and kills, and killer performances keep this revolutionary horror flick as a classic worth revisiting every spooky season. 8.5/10

“The Shining”: Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece, released in 1980. Follows a family staying for several months as the keepers of the Overlook hotel. But this massive, isolating space causes mental insanity, especially for Jack who has lost his mind and has become a psychopath. 9/10.