New Horror/Halloween Movie Reviews


Reese Bratkovic, Reporter

I watched three new scary/Halloween movies, Hocus Pocus 2, Blackphone, and Smile. These are my honest opinions about the film, with a back story of the plot. 


Hocus Pocus 2 is a sequel to the beloved 90’s movie, Hocus Pocus. It was made with the same actors, just years later but with different kids, and had a different but similar plot to the first movie. If for some reason you live under a rock and have never seen the original beloved Hocus Pocus movie, it is about these sisters who are witches who are “evil” but in such a quirky and wholesome way, and they also “kill” children to stay young. And if you light a black flame candle in a spiritual spot and you’re a virgin, you can set them free and they will come back from the dead and torment people. The kids involved have to help save everyone around them and prevent them from causing any harm to them or the people around them. The second movie was great, it was funny, the acting and plot were so good and the ending was so pure. I rate it a 10/10, it was witty and nostalgic and just overall had great lessons in the movie to reach their audience.

Blackphone is a movie about kids disappearing mysteriously, by being kidnapped by a corrupted man who drives a black van and wears a creepy, iconic mask. He lives in the same neighborhood as the kids he kidnaps and locks them up in his basement and plays a killing “game” with them. This movie was not as scary as I was anticipating, the acting was great though. Especially the little sisters acting, the plot was decent but at times, it was really hard to follow and I was confused. To say the least, the first time I watched this movie, I fell asleep. It was an interesting film, but I wouldn’t recommend it to others or see it again. I rate this movie a 5/10 and that’s being generous.

Smile is a movie about a physiologist who witnesses a traumatic event, a woman brutally killed herself in front of her. After this horrible incident, she starts to experience really weird things, such as seeing the dead women, hearing noises, and hallucinating hardcore. She then finds out that whatever possessed that woman has now moved on and is haunting her; and she must do everything in her power to figure out what’s going on and keep herself alive. This movie had a lot of hype surrounding it and so I was excited to go see it with my friends. Overall this movie had some great jumpscares, and the acting was top-tier. That being said though it wasn’t as scary as it lived up to be, and the ending kinda sucked if I’m being completely transparent, the movie also stole some scenes from previous iconic horror movies, and there were a few parts that were just pulled out of thin air and make no sense to what was going on. Smile was more of a psychological movie than a horror movie I’d say. There are multiple times you will be shocked and disturbed and there are some points where you will laugh and be like “huh??” I rate this movie a solid 6/10, I think my rating would have been higher if the movie wasn’t hyped up as much to be this huge, cry-yourself-to-sleep horror movie and at the end of the day it just wasn’t, it had amazing potential though.