‘Insurgent’ doesn’t live up to fans’ expectations

Delaney Garrelts, Reporter

“Insurgent” is a movie based on the second novel in the “Divergent” series by Veronica Roth, and it was quite different from what fans of the novel expected, and maybe not in a good way.

It’s more likely one would enjoy this movie if the person watching has never read any of the books. The plotline spins in a completely different direction expected than from the novel, making it pretty impossible to have the third or fourth movie be similar to any of the novels, either.

The plotline itself was okay, but got mildly confusing toward the end. Tris (Shailene Woodley) tries to escape Jeanine (Kate Winslet) because she’s a Divergent, which are a group of people Jeanine wants to kill because they fit into many factions, which are categories they’re put in based on personality. Her and her boyfriend Four (Theo James) travel around to find people sympathetic to their cause. Tris’s brother Caleb (Ansel Elgort) becomes confused on what to do with himself as was true in the first movie, “Divergent”.

All throughout the movie, though, there’s the big plot changer: a box found in Tris’s old house in Abnegation (another faction) that has a mysterious purpose that Jeanine believes could end the Divergent people once and for all. The only problem is that it must be opened by a Divergent.

The purpose of the box is finally revealed toward the end of the movie, and it’s quite a shocker.

The plotline was fine, but displeasing to the novel readers, but the acting makes it slightly better. Woodley’s performance really makes a viewer believe Tris is tough, if the viewer can ignore the fact that she looks kind of weak.

Elgort transitions from lovable characters to easily hated ones very well and that’s a cool sight to see. James’s performance was something many teenage girls will enjoy although it was a bit wooden. Winslet’s acting was okay, but she was always shot from weird camera angles because she was pregnant.

The score was amazing. Every time music played it tied in perfectly with what was going on, and it’s overall a pretty good soundtrack. In one scene, Tris is running and with every pound of her foot, the music plays to make a more dramatic effect.

It was a little bit odd that at the beginning of the movie Tris cut her hair with garden shears and it looked like a $500 haircut and that they were all wearing immaculate makeup in the middle of a war -ridden dystopian society.

All the action scenes are pretty incredible as well. They were quick-paced and were very visually appealing.

Overall, it was an alright movie that viewers probably won’t love, especially if they’re  big fans of the novels, but it would be a good thing to rent from redbox in a couple of months when the movie stops showing in theatres.