Breakfast? What an ‘egg’-cellent idea!

Oldtime-diner, timeless breakfast

by Alyssa Hoedl

If you are looking for a trip back in time, this is the place to go. Old 56 Family Restaurant, located at Old 56 highway and Harrison Street, has the essence of a small town 1950s diner.

Old 56 Family Restaurant serves both breakfast and dinner, with breakfast being served all day long.

It is not a large building, with the inside being taken up mainly with booths and a couple larger tables. The staff was friendly and I was very pleased with how we were treated.

I went with fellow staffer Kennedee Estes, junior, and we both got very different meals. I got the “traditional” breakfast plate that involves a pancake, eggs, bacon and hash browns with apple juice.

Estes got two pieces of French toast with whipped cream and strawberries on them and a glass of chocolate milk. We both got a whole pitcher of syrup and plate of butter to ourselves with our meals.

The food was delicious and not very expensive; my meal cost around $8 total. They serve very traditional meals and seem to have a mainly older-age crowd. I would definitely recommend going to this diner if you are looking for a traditional breakfast that tastes great.

The lighter side of the morning

by Kennedee Estes

Fresh is always best, right? Well, at First Watch they know that, they pride themselves on their modern twist to old breakfast dishes and healthier options. First Watch truly captures the feel of a modern and hip breakfast joint.

Keeping up with the more modern style they make sure their customers are satisfied by also providing free WiFi and a fresh pot of coffee.

They serve breakfast, brunch and lunch, while giving customers the opportunity to order anything from the menu all day long. So if you’re really craving pancakes at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, this is the place to go.

While many other diners aren’t all that concerned with holding back the fat, First Watch is. They don’t use deep fryers and all of their fruits and vegetables are fresh from that morning. Not to mention, they will substitute cholesterol-free eggs or egg whites at no extra charge.

While visiting First Watch with another member of the Eyrie, Alyssa Hoedl, junior, we tried the omelets and the old fashioned breafast with eggs, potatoes, and toast. Both were absolutely delicious and relatively inexpensive.

The restaurant attracts all crowds, young and old, families, we even witnessed a business meeting taking place a few tables away.

It’s a wonderful bistro with a refreshing modern twist.

Just like mom used to make it

by Jake Anderson

Waking up early to start your day and having your mom prepare your favorite breakfast is one of the best things in the world. Mom’s Kitchen is the exact same thing, minus waking up in a restaurant. The breakfast is typical of what a mother could make, only better.

This cozy diner is located at 530 E, Santa Fe St, it is in the downtown Olathe area.

For the pancake lovers, Mom’s is the place to go. When one thinks of pancakes, IHOP is the first place that comes to mind with their stacks of pancakes. At Mom’s, one pancake is all it takes.

Ordering a pancake, bacon and eggs is enough food to last a body until 3 o’clock in the afternoon. A single pancake is approximately 11 inches in diameter, which is the length of a sheet of paper, and it covers the entire plate. Sides that are ordered come on a separate plate.

The bacon is not tiny and burnt. It’s big, juicy and meaty. The eggs are prepared any way your heart desires. Going to Mom’s Kitchen is like going to your own mother’s kitchen, but with 13 times the seating.

Mom’s Kitchen is a very comfortable restaurant. But it’s size is not on the large end. Getting there before 9 a.m. is key; otherwise, there is a possible wait time. Other than this, there is friendly service and delicious food.