Why does Maxwell Kepka aspire to be a lawyer?


Travis Kahn

Max Kepka, senior

Teegan Odom, Reporter

Maxwell Kepka, senior, aspires to be a lawyer. Kepka is currently an intern at the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office where he helps victims of domestic violence.

Some of his tasks are helping the victims go to court and talk to their attorneys.

His favorite part at his internship is attending court and helping victims talk to their attorneys.

“I like watching the legal proceedings…involving our victims and actually hearing real cases be prosecuted,” Kepka said.

Kepka also answers phone calls they receive at Victims’ Assistance and tries to help the person on the phone.

“I want to be a lawyer because I love justice for people and love to argue both sides of an argument. It is something that I feel passionate about in that everyone should be well represented in court and I feel I could be very good and successful at doing so,” Kepka said.

Kepka plans on receiving his undergraduate in business from Kansas State and then Receive his law degree from the University of Kansas.

ACTIVITIES: Soccer, Debate, Mock Trial, PCA.

IF you had to change your first name, what would you choose as your new name? Robert, for my dad and grandfather.