Breaking bad


Easton Best, Writer

There are so many TV shows to binge-watch this summer. If anyone is having trouble picking a show, fear not. You’re about to hear about a fantastic show that will have you obsessed. A show that has lots of action, has lots of drama, has lots of comedy, and debatably the best character development of all time. Trust me, as you watch the show, the characters slowly change in so many ways, and it’s believable and realistic. 

The show is Breaking Bad. Sometimes when there’s an excellent show they end up ruining it by dragging it out or with a terrible ending. This show, however, ends perfectly. They don’t drag it out too long, but don’t make it too short. And the ending is amazing. This show will bring you through a roller coaster of emotions, no doubt. 

Don’t just take my word for it, Breaking Bad has been nominated for 58 awards and has won a total of 28 industry awards since premiering in 2008. It has won awards for being the best tv show. The show originally ran on AMC from January 2008 through September 2013. It ran for five seasons and 62 episodes. 

The show is about a married man with a son who is a chemistry teacher. His name is Walter White. He gets diagnosed with lung cancer, and not that long to live. He realizes he will be gone soon and will be his wife and his kid with lots of debt from his medical bills. Because of a big turn of events, White reconnects with a former student.

His name is Jesse Pinkman. He was a bad student. A trouble maker, and he and White didn’t get along that well. White gets the idea to start cooking meth with Pinkman, so he can make money for his family. White needs Pinkman because he knows the meth game. But Pinkman needs White because Walter is a chemist who is very smart and great at making blue meth. These two have some of the best character development ever. Watching Breaking bad will not be a waste of your time, 10/10 recommend.