Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness Review


Maggie Flannery, writer


This movie is the new Marvel movie after Spiderman No Way Home, which broke the mold for many different movies that are going to be happening in the future. What made it so special is that it brought the world of all the Spider-Man together through the multiverse. 

This newest movie explores the multiverse in a new way, by showing someone who can travel freely from world to world. It also helps that I personally like the new character that has this godly power. Her name is America Chavez and she is probably going to keep popping up in different movies in the Marvel universe. While other versions of one’s self can have dreams about themselves from other multiverses, this America can not which means she has no other self in the multiverse, explaining why she can travel in the multiverse.

Doctor Strange is in both Spider-Man No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness and that makes me think that Strange could be the next Nick Fury. Saving and giving people the right push to bring them to their greatest potential. Or he could have just been in No Way Home because he is skilled in the Mystic Arts. But if that is the case then why not Wanda? She easily could have helped Peter with the situation he was in, but maybe at this time, she was still at Westview or just left Wanda’s situation reminds me of Doctor Strange in the What if series, how he could not see the error of his ways until it was too late to turn back time and fix what he had done wrong. That reminds me of Wanda in this movie. 

The next item of decision is whether we will see Wanda again. In my personal opinion, I do not think she will come back, after all the power she had to create to make the Darkhold disappear from every world and having a building smashed on you I do not think she made it. However, that does not mean that her memory does not live on. The audience can see the moments when she falls in love with Vision, defeats Ultron, and sees when she messed up in Westview. Wanda has always been an incredibly interesting character, and so many of us loved her and mourned with her. I am just happy we get a redeeming ending to this beloved character. All in all this movie is worth watching and is setting Marvel in a new light to make their movies much more interesting in the future.