Elon Musk Financial Decisions

Timothy Wood, Reporter

Many people have had mixed feelings about Elon Musk buying twitter. Here are some of the Teachers’ opinions on the situation. 

“I guess I am interested to see how things will change, if at all,” teacher Carol Nycklemoe said. “I wish some of these billionaires would use their money differently, more for good… I look at Bill Gates and how he uses a lot of his money in his foundation to try to impact the world in a positive way.”

Teacher Jason Martin explains if Elon Musk will try to buy other companies.

“I imagine, it would be in his best interests to pursue other ventures and diversify the type of work of his base interest or his base venture capitalist,” Martin said. “He does SpaceX and he does Tesla and others… He’s got a big brain and he’s probably thinking all the time and all the ways that he can maximize not only revenue, but to innovate the things that we currently have.” 

Teacher Adam Myre talks about if he will delete or keep twitter because of controversy with people deleting and keeping it.

“Keep it like more freedom the people have the better. The whole idea of where to be able to communicate and have more interaction he’s not trying to shut down people who don’t agree with you,” Myre said.

Martin thinks it is a big responsibility for Musk going forward in his career path.

“You have to have a plan in place. If you’re going to take over a venture like that, you have to have good people with you. If anybody were to be able to do that, maybe he is the guy to kind of spearhead that,” Martin said. “Obviously, he’s not the only person who’ll be involved but I think it’s a good opportunity.”