Crumbl cookie review – April 24 – April 30

Mya Roberts and Abby Pierce

Every week, Crumbl Cookie comes out with four new flavors, along with their two classics, the chocolate chip and sugar cookie, which has recently been switched to “confetti”. After buying all six of the cookies and trying them, eating until we felt sick, we discussed our opinions and eventually decided on ratings for each of the cookies. 


Obviously, we are not going to completely agree on everything, so a few of the ratings were compromised between the two of us. Let’s begin! 


Chocolate Chip: 

The first cookie is the classic chocolate chip, which they’ve had every week. It’s served warm and has a very soft texture. It is perfectly cooked, with the outside being golden brown and having a slight crisp, while the inside is gooey and chocolate-filled. We rate it a solid 8-9/10 as it reminds us of a true homemade cookie. 


Sugar Cookie/ Confetti: 

Another classic, but should it be? The sugar cookie is far too sweet and honestly not good. The cookie tasted very dry and there was way too much frosting. The flavors of the cookie and frosting did not blend well together and left a bad taste in our mouths. We give it a 1/10 and do not recommend it. 



This cookie is absolutely amazing. It’s served warm and has the perfect oatmeal to cookie ratio. The outside has a nice golden brown color, very similar to the chocolate chip cookie, but with oatmeal instead of chocolate. The inside is nice and soft and pleasant to bite into. It has a very homey taste and feel about it. It’s a lot less sweet than the rest of the cookies Crumbl makes, so it’s easier to enjoy more of it at a time. The flavors were a bit bland compared to Crumbl’s typical extravagant “style”, and it would have been very easy to make at home. We rate this cookie a solid 8/10 and would definitely recommend this if you enjoy oatmeal and Crumbl’s chocolate chip cookie. 


Brownie Batter: 

VERY chocolatey. Tastes a lot like an actual brownie, which I suppose is the goal, but we were hoping for a bit more “cookie” like. If I wanted that much brownie, I would have made brownies at home, ya know? Besides that, the texture was very soft and gooey and melted in your mouth. We rated it a 7/10 because it was a bit too chocolatey in our opinion but still good nonetheless. 


Peanut Butter M&M: 

Neither of us really likes peanut butter, so it may be a bit biased, but we weren’t really a fan of it. There was far too much peanut butter flavoring, it was all we could taste. It felt like taking a bite out of a jar of peanut butter, with a slight hint of chocolate. If you really love peanut butter, then you’ll most likely like this cookie, but as for us, it definitely isn’t our top choice. 3/10 for its overpowering peanut butter taste. 


Passion Fruit: 

This cookie has an interesting taste, some would describe it as a sort of soap-like taste. It’s extremely sweet and has a very artificial passion fruit taste. It has a lot of frosting which sort of cancels out the taste of the actual cookie. Also, the tiny popping boba balls that come on top of it don’t get drained very well and leave a liquid residue that covers the entire cookie, making it a very unpleasant texture in your mouth. We give this cookie a 5/10, because the flavor itself isn’t horrible, but the texture and abundance of frosting and liquid sort of ruins it a bit. 


Those were all of the cookies this week, which all in all wasn’t a terrible batch of flavors. It depends on the person who is eating them. Everyone has different tastes that will definitely differ from ours, but these are simply our opinion. 


Though the flavors will be changing very soon, we still recommend taking a trip to Crumbl and giving any of them a try. You don’t have to get a box of all the flavors, but trying at least one of them wouldn’t hurt.